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Hygiene and comprehensive security for hotels

HS Consulting is a comprehensive health and safety consultancy completely customized to the tourism industry. We protect our clients and the health of their customers, saving costs by bringing together all services in those broad fields.
Our Mission: Improve the tourism industry through the implementation of excellent health and safety standards.
In such a competitive market,  to achieve customer satisfaction is essential to ensure their safety and health.

Not to mention that the slightest mistake can be a decisive reduction in the lead brand image or even cease trading.

The influence of social networks and specialist sites for travelers, new ways of global communication, make any health or safety may transcend and spread rapidly, negatively most of the times, affecting the image of particular establishments and tourist destination in general.

HS consulting is the answer to the need of tourist facilities to provide excellent service on health and safety, in compliance with current regulatory framework, which establishes a series of requirements to tourist in each country, in order to protect their customers and their health.

A task sometimes not always easy, as there are many requirements that establishments need to solve, to which is added the lack of resources and the need to use different suppliers, with a consequent increase in the cost of each service.

The multidisciplinary group formed HS Consulting is the result of the union of highly qualified professionals in Health Sciences and Engineering, with extensive experience in consulting, auditing and training.

HS Consulting is the only company that offers comprehensive advice on health and safety in the tourist industry, saving costs by bringing together all services from one service.

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