Cases of legionella multiply in the last two months

Recently, the spread of infectious diseases have been reset to the media focus on health. Specifically, a recurrent and known disease, legionellosis, has had a significant rebound in the last two months due to the achievement of cases in different geographical areas of Spain and Portugal. Infections that have killed 16 people and over 300 affected. As we revealed from this blog, Legionella pneumophila bacteria is causing pontiac fever and Legionnaire’s disease.


Summary of affected by Legionnaires’ disease in the last two months in Spain and Portugal.

Data updated on November 13, 2014

(1)TBC (2)ACS: Domestic Hot Water Network (3) Cold water network tank (cold water for human consumption) in poor condition and/or unauthorized material.

As we have revealed several times from this blog Legionella pneumophila bacteria is causing pontiac fever and Legionnaire’s disease.

Making a quick look also check the diversity of the elements that led to the outbreak (Hot water network, cooling towers are the facilities most often cause these outbreaks, but also ornamental fountains, cold water tanks and even an irrigation truck is a candidate.

As a consequence, as we do regularly from this blog, we recall, and insist on the need to reinforce the control actions of each facility potenttially dangerous, including the low risk facilites.

As included in the legislation (RD 865/2003), internationally recognized standards, and even dare I say common sense any facility to store warm water (between 20-45C) and emit aerosols is likely to cause this disease . If to this we add risk factors such as installation of unsuitable materials or lack of control, chances increase exponentially.

It is crutial not to relax in the implementation of these measures, including all risk facilities.


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