Details on the new swimming pool regulation in Spain

On Wednesday February 12, 2014, the HS Consulting technical direction met with the heads of department Pools Balearic Department of Health, to discuss the news of the new Royal Decree 742/2013, of 27 September establishing the technical and health criteria are established pools.

It is especially significant since the swimming pool swimming pool is taken over by the national institution. Indeed Balearic former standard goes back to 1995 (the regional decree 53/1995 ).

The most important issues of this regulation are:


HACCP Manual

Each establishment will have a manual of assesment, based on preventive HACCP methodology that has at least the following sections :

Water treatment in each pool

Water control

Pool maintenance

Cleaning and disinfection

Safety and good practice

Plan or pest control

Management of suppliers and services


Control of physico-chemical and microbiological parameters.

Increased frequency or analytical to a monthly sampling.More controls included in the physico-chemical and microbiological parameters control. For example, measuring the value of CO2 in heated indoor swimming pools.

Heated and air injection ( spa type) vessels sampling included Legionella spp.

kits or controls used in pool water must comply with the UNE- ISO 17381

Database .The purpose is to record all pools that are scope of this Royal Decree in a database , not just the characteristics of the pool, but all the physical, chemical and microbiological controls, whether they are taken daily as monthly sampling .


Information to the public .

Recent results carried out, for each pool.

Information on non-compliance and corrective measures taken.

Informative material about prevention of drowning, head injuries and spinal cord injuries. Also sun protecton in outdoor pools.

Information on the chemicals and substances used in the treatment substances.

Information on whether or not a lifeguard.

Rules of use of the pool. Rights and responsibilities for users of the same.


• Other aspects not mentioned.

For other sections not covered by Royal Decree, such as the presence of lifeguards, safety, pool structure, accessibility… The applicable law is still the regional regulation, when is not mentioned in the national regulation (RD 742/2013).


HS Consulting Team