Say good bay to refillable oilers

Reasons why you will never find again refillable olive oil dispensers in restaurants.

350,000 hospitality establishments in Spanish territory will be affected by the new regulation, approved by the Goberment which bans the use of refillable oilers. This regulation affects entirely the sector of olive oil and olive pomace oil . So ammends completely the regulation 1431/2003 of 21 November. The legislation starts from January 1, 2014 , while giving a definitive deadline last February for its full implementation.

So from March, for all catering establishments, olive oils and olive pomace available to the consumer must be in labeled containers, be provided with an opening system that loses its integrity after first use and have protection to prevent refilling once exhausted their original content.

So olive oil is offered in single-dose containers or small bottles.

Ensuring oil quality.

The measure is part of the content of the Action Plan on the olive oil sector, triggered by the European Union. There are 3 main objectives: Protect the quality of a banner of national food product, prevent fraud and to support the industry .

Alongside it comes to educating the client about exactly what is consuming so differentiating one refined oil or virgin and also olive varieties .

Improvement in exports.

Spain is the leading producer of olive oil and this measure is expected to improve exports.

Certainly some catering establishments have positioned against this measure by increased costs and waste involved not despise a single dose sachet used for a toast content. Also the potential environmental effects by increased containers.

However this initiative seeks to advance quality assurance and authenticity of oils available to the consumer and improve the image of the product. As a reference, a similar measure was taken with wine with excellent results.

Not to mention that the hotel and restaurant are essential to disclose the olive oil to tourists. A product that is not common in cuisines from other countries and as many scientific papers attest, having a composition of unsaturated fatty acids makes it healthier than other oils used for cooking. Therefore constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of the acclaimed mediterranean diet.


HS Consulting team