Darwin and Bt corn

The Origin of Species .

It was 1836. Charles Darwin is only 22 years old when he embarked on the Beagle . To the dissappointment of his father, he preferred collecting beetles to medical studies. In the archipelago of the Galapagos he observed variations in the finches´ beak depending on the island of procedence.
He concludes that each of the 13 species of finches that inhabit the Galapagos come from a common finch. The insulation phenomenom makes the beck change depending on the diet available on each island.
Many years of observation go until he publishes his masterpiece: The Origin of Species , in which he coins the concept of natural selection. One hundred before that Watson and Crick discovered the DNA secondary structure .Darwing&maiz
Darwin states that there organisms that reproduce and the offspring inherited characteristics of their parents , there are variations in characteristics if the environment does not allow all members of a growing population . Then those members of the population with less suitable characteristics (as determined by their environment ) most likely die . Then members with characteristics most likely better adapted survive .
GM foods or GMOs : Bt Corn
The natural process of natural selection is driven by environmental conditions, although the transition requires many generations.
To accelerate this process can be injected DNA fragments artificially. So in one generation a particular feature is transfered. In this way, food may become more nutritious, resistant to pests or less favorable climates .
Thus, for example, Bt produces a protein of bacterial origin (derived from Bacillus thurigensis Bt ) which is toxic to the larvae of a pest known as stem borers .
Pros and cons of genetically modified foods .
The benefits are, increased production and better economic viability of the crop through reduced pesticide use. Certainly negligible elements .
Instead, we have to use GM foods should be made after a rigorous study of long-term exposure (which it is not possible to be a recent technique ) to detect the occurrence of chronic effects to people and the environment. Also that the GM plant , being more evolved genetically to the original move .


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