Can I eat it or not? Tell between expiration date and best before date

Each european citizen produces 179 kg of food waste every year. A lot of these food could be eaten, as being perfectly edible but there is a confusión about telling between expiration date and best before date.

Expiration date.


The date from the food cannot be consumed is called expiration date. From this date it is not safe because it does not meet hygienic standards. From that date there is biological risk of coming down with diseases.

Expiration date is for those high risk food and perishable (normally with high protein rate that have not been treated to reduce its water activity).

The product can be consumed until the indicated day, but not beyond. Some examples are meat, fish, milk, yogurt and vacuum packaged.


Best before date.

On the other hand, best before date indicates the date until which the food keeps its whole organoleptic properties (flavour, smell, texture,…)

consumo_preferenteBest before date can be found in lots of refrigerated products, froozen products, dry products (pasta, rice), canned food, oil, chocolate …





HS Consulting Team